About Us

High Quality Technical Solutions

Our Values Includes Excellence In Work, Quality, Teamwork & Sustainability

Since 1998, Our Company Has Been The Source of Technical Supply Needs Of A Broad Platform Of Industries, Especially In Power Transmission.

We have moved a long way to provide complete reliable solutions and to keep abreast with the latest technology to satisfy and meet all customers growing needs.


From single product to integrated system, we are able to provide solutions which match the specific requirements of the major industries served. 

There are currently many units of our gearboxes planted successfully in diversified industries such as construction, agriculture sector, food & beverages, palm oil, sugar, pulp & paper, steel, cement, marine & offshore, and waste water treatment.

We believe in excellence in providing our services, supplying our products in the highest quality, teamwork never betrays, and sustainability in customer relationships

Our Mission

Mahera works to assist companies in related power transmission needs. We strive to build a sustainable relationship with our stakeholders by offering our products and services at the highest quality.

Our Vision

To be the leading expert in the power transmission fields, where customers needs can be satisfied effectively in the most efficient way possible.

We Are The Supplier You Can Trust On For An Effective and Efficient Solution To All Your Needs.