DANA BREVINI Motion Systems

Dana Motion Systems is the mechanical division of Dana Off-Highway Motion and Drive Technologies is the result of the acquisition by Dana of the Brevini Power Transmission business.

Brevini has a long history and it was among the world’s top ten manufacturers in the sector of mechanical transmissions and gear drives, thanks to relevant market shares in industrial applications (steel industry, plastics production, materials handling) and in innovative systems such as waste recycling plants, wind and energy production. Brevini name was related to a major player also in the mining sector and in marine technologies.

It was established in 1960 by Renato, Luciano and Corrado Brevini, and it was the first Italian company to produce planetary gearboxes. Dana Motion Systems – gearboxes division has headquarters in Reggio Emilia, with production units in Europe and China, and a wide direct presence all over the world with its service and assembly centers, ensuring the highest closeness to the customer.

Industrial Planetary Gearboxes

Complete range of modular design planetary gearboxes for industrial applications. It combines high performance with low cost and compact size, excellent reliability, simple installation and reduced maintenance. Brevini’s industrial planetary gearboxes come in a range of sizes to ensure optimum duration and silent running in all sorts of applications. These in-line or right-angle planetary gearboxes are available in male and female shaft configurations. The male shaft solution (splined or cylindrical) is able to withstand strong radial or axial loads on the output shaft.

High Torque Planetary Gearboxes

Brevini “S Series” is the best solution for all applications requiring high torque with minimum dimensions, on fixed industrial equipment and heavy self-propelled machines. This planetary solution offers a substantial improvement in terms of space and weight. The S series is also available as High Power version, linking the performance of Brevini’s planetary technology with the high quality and reliability of PIV Posired series of right-angle gearboxes: a solution that is more efficient, quieter, more compact and offers a better price / performance ratio compared to traditional gear units.


PIV Helical & Bevel Helical Gearboxes

This integrated line of helical and bevel helical gearboxes is made in Germany by the Brevini manufacturing unit PIV Drives. These gear units are produced with state of the art design, material, and manufacturing technologies for maximum power and reliability within a cost-effective package. With the POSIRED range of gearboxes, PIV Drives covers the whole spectrum of power transmission solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Brevini Gearmotors

We are pleased to announce that a new product family is now in our portfolio, with the following range build up: Shaft mounted and flange mounted parallel helical gearmotors, up to 18k Nm; Foot mounted and flange mounted helical inline gearmotors, up to 18k Nm; Bevel helical gearmotors, up to 15k Nm.

Planetary Posiplan Gearboxes

These POSIPLAN gear reducers, which are protected by a specific patent, feature a combination of planetary and helical gears that takes advantage of the strengths of each technology: compact size, high reliability and easy maintenance. The PH series of planetary helical gearboxes combines one slow helical stage with one or more planetary stages. The design of these compact gear units is based upon precise analyses using FEM techniques, which means performance, duration and silence. These lighter, more compact gear reducers surpass traditional solutions, ensuring shorter production times and lower production costs.


Industrial Slewing Drives

This wide range of Brevini planetary gear units is specifically designed for pinion and slewing ring drives. Successfully employed on tower cranes, shipboard and harbor cranes, wind generators and as steering drive on ship propulsion systems, they can be used in all applications where accurate positioning is called for. These Brevini slewing drives are suitable for the most severe duties in every environment. The design of the planetary units optimizes torque performance and radial load capacity, in order to give perfect meshing between pinion and ring gear.