Industrial Gearbox


DANA Brevini Motion Systems products consist of  a mechanical transmission range combined with hydraulic – electronic products providing innovative solutions

As the official distributor of DANA Brevini Gearbox (Originating from Italy), we offer our customers a diverse gearbox type that is tailor made to specific conditions and requirements that is needed on the field.

Our Innovations

Industry Focused Products!

Cardan Shafts are available in a complete range of sizes for off-highway and industrial applications. We take pride in working closely with customers to understand the demands of the end product and develop shafts optimised to the true requirements.


From Escogear Couplings, Allied Grid Couplings, and Westcar fluid couplings for soft-start, we are able to supply power transmission needs that complement of gearboxes perfectly to ensure a more efficient and suitable torque transmission.

Electric Motors

We offer different types of electric motors, suited to customers’ recommendation and field requirements. These electric motors are often used as a supplement to our gearboxes of different types.



Gearbox Service

Our workshops enable us to provide customers repair and services for our products. From changing of bearing to overhauling our gearbox for troubleshooting, we strive to ensure that our customers obtain the best service they can get.

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